It’s no secret that finding quality candidates to fill a high-level role at healthcare provider organizations, hospitals, health systems, and large physician groups is no small feat. With so much nuance involved in finding the right fit, it makes sense that most organizations outsource this process to retained search firms with long track records of success in this space.

In an industry as complex as healthcare, a general talent acquisition process isn’t enough. You need to focus on an evidence-based definition of senior leadership team culture and include subject matter experts that understand the industry and possess in-depth knowledge of the position having walked professionally in those shoes before. With this deeper knowledge, they are able to understand what to look for in regards to skillset, cultural fit, and other dynamics that influence a candidate’s success.

In addition to this deep knowledge around candidate selection, you need to be concerned about long term retention of this new executive. Most polls across industry sectors indicate that CEOs are most concerned about retaining the talent they have and see it as a strategic differentiator. While most talent acquisition specialists simply find you potential candidates to fit the role, a truly effective talent solution should also define leadership culture and develop and coach these executives during their first several months in order to set them up for long -term success in their new role.

That’s why at Nagle & Associates we are intentional about being a talent solution that combines an evidence-based leadership culture definition, subject matter expertise, and the element of executive coaching post-hire. Doing so makes finding the right candidate and then retaining that professional much more effective.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of having subject matter experts involved in your talent search and why executive coaching is essential for our full talent solution at Nagle & Associates.

Subject Matter Experts Have a Deep Understanding of What Skillsets are Required to Compliment Cultural Integration

When searching for talent in any industry, it makes sense to have subject matter experts (SMEs) involved because they contain the depth of understanding needed to compliment cultural fit. They also are able to fully vet a candidate’s capability to deal with the challenges and opportunities associated with the position having themselves dealt with similar situations in their past roles. When you have an SME that can speak the language of your candidates and have walked in their shoes, it enhances the selection process by bridging any gaps in technical knowledge. It also leads to greater clarity on how candidates would fit into an organization culturally.

Thanks to their experience in the field, SMEs also understand the issues and opportunities that your candidates will face in their potential role. This knowledge of the various clinical, operational, financial, and strategic ramifications helps an SME further assess how a candidate might handle the responsibilities of their new role.

Furthermore, SMEs know the right questions to ask and how to expand on those questions during the selection process. This ensures that your candidate(s) has to demonstrate a real depth of knowledge and capability to address the specific issues at hand before entering into the new role. Without this expertise, a red flag about your candidate might go unnoticed before it’s too late.

When we built our firm and senior team, we knew including SMEs in our talent solution would be crucial for our success. We didn’t want to just find candidates with the requisite experience, we wanted to be the best at finding the best. 

All of our SMEs possess the innate interpersonal skills to succeed in talent acquisition and retention. Others would include being articulate, personable, depth of experience, and vibrant professional networks. Furthermore, our SMEs represent  a variety of different healthcare disciplines including:

  • Executive and Clinical Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Physician Services
  • Service Line expertise 

It’s this mix of experience that factors into the positive outcomes we create for our clients.

Executive Coaching is Essential for the Development and Retention of Your New Hire

Utilizing SMEs is one part of our success equation as is putting a fine edge on “fit” combining perception and data-based definition. The other part is the addition of executive coaching for new candidates post-hire. Executive coaching has been a staple in most industry segments for years, but it hasn’t quite taken hold within the healthcare industry. There’s a negative connotation around coaching within healthcare because coaches are typically only used if something is wrong. If you hear a senior executive is working with a coach the initial assumption is they must be underperforming and on a “Performance Improvement Plan,” often as a last resort.

At Nagle, we don’t believe coaching is a negative. Far from it. We believe it is an asset that equips new executives for success and career growth in their new role. Coaching is important in that it fosters cultural integration, keeps professionals on an upward career trajectory, further develops them, and enables longer term retention which is fast becoming a strategic differentiator.

Some organizations and new executives see the first few months as somewhat of a “grace period” for the hire to adapt to the new role. But that’s not the right approach. Those first few months are close to the most crucial as the new executive is being sized up by the board, his/her superior, and his/her direct reports. If any stakeholders find the new executive wanting, regaining credibility can be a tough road to negotiate. 

New executives must lead in a manner that is understood and respected. And executive coaching is a process that assists the new executive with these challenges, provides them with the means to make the right decisions, and to get results in the first critical months of the new assignment.

With the proven success of executive coaching, it’s our aim at Nagle & Associates to bring executive coaching into play to help ensure longer-term retention. 

A Full Talent Solution Goes the Extra Mile for Your Organization

Philosophically, we believe that talent acquisition is a key first step towards a talent solution that also looks at development and retention. Our talent solution incorporates these factors. We look very critically and quantitatively at putting a fine point on “fit” working with our SMEs and in some cases look at governance structure to ensure it facilitates the new executive’s long term success.

Another key component to being a full talent solution is providing excellent customer service. Our business model mandates that our senior executives not only sell the search but also spend the most time on its execution. Collaboration between members of our senior leadership team is just expected as we network, source, and identify high potential finalists. Sometimes senior search executives will assist in candidate selection but most move quickly onto their next revenue-generating opportunity. It’s not altogether their preference, but the compensation model they work under mandates that behavior. 

With something as important as finding your next healthcare leader, you need a talent solution you can count on. Three legs make up the stool that is a talent solution namely acquisition, development, and coaching for the chosen executive post-hire. So more than just a nod toward retention. Which is a strategic game-changer.

If you’re interested in learning more about our full talent solution, reach out to Nagle & Associates today.