About Us

Healthcare Executive Search and Talent Solutions

Our Approach and Beliefs

Our focus is unrelenting, positioning our clients as our number one priority. Our process is robust from beginning to end, including an evidence-based definition of the senior leadership culture early in the process, and providing executive coaching for the chosen professional once the search process is complete. Philosophically, we believe this approach is the soundest way to ensure executives enjoy longer tenures at the organizations with which we work. Thus, our search fee includes the culture definition and coaching component at no additional charge and our fees remain very competitive and, for the most part, performance-based.


Our Practice Leads To Results

Our capabilities range from senior executive leadership to selected director level searches which many other retained firms avoid. Our company is the size it is by design. Our off-limits list allows us to cast our nets farther and wider than many firms practicing in our niche. Our commitment is finding the right candidate to best suit your specific needs which differs from assignment to assignment depending on the requirements and challenges that are unique to the position and culture that exists in your organization.

Healthcare Executive Search and Talent Solutions

Hospitals, health systems, and physician groups across the country face daunting challenges in a period of unprecedented change. When executive vacancies occur, Nagle & Associates can guide you through the process of leadership selection and development, and help to ensure long-term retention. The competition for outstanding leaders is fierce and growing more so. Healthcare organizations, including large physician groups, need the right leaders to integrate with their organization’s culture and to communicate effectively with the senior leadership team to move strategic and operational imperatives forward. We believe a laser focus on senior leadership culture via an evidence/data-based assessment is absolutely essential to the search process and paramount to ensuring cultural fit. Leaving culture definition to perception is a gamble that may negatively effect selection and clearly may stand in the way of longer-term retention which could well be a strategic differentiator in the marketplace of the future.

Nagle & Associates provides comprehensive search and talent solutions on a national basis. Our team is a veteran one with each of our professionals possessing 25 or more years of experience in the healthcare industry primarily focused on hospitals, health systems, and large independent physician groups. Our mission is to help outstanding professionals align their career goals with an organization’s culture and strategic imperatives creating very impactful, long-term matches. Nailing the culture and professionally coaching the new hire in the new role is foundational for long-term success. A commitment to enabled leadership at all key levels maximizes an organization’s potential for long-term success.

“We continue to explore new ideas pertinent to executive search and to focus on executive level talent acquisition but often as part of a larger talent solution. I believe that bringing talented professionals on board is a good start, but an unwavering focus on an evidence-based cultural fit and commitment to coaching the new hire for several months within the context of culture will most certainly be strategic differentiators for successful healthcare organizations particularly in this era of a completely changing, and increasingly complex, fluid delivery environment.”


– Chip Nagle, Nagle & Associates

Our Mission

Nagle & Associates’ overall objective is to help outstanding professionals align their career goals with an organization’s culture and strategic goals, which creates highly successful, long-term matches. This ensures leadership at all levels, which ultimately maximizes an organization’s strategic potential.


Four Fundamental Principles Guide Our Practice

We definitely discriminate on the basis of character, capability, and performance. Our professionals have the same base attributes as those we seek in our candidates. First and foremost with us is sincerity, followed by well-developed communication skills, and a commitment to our vision. We are highly principled and take what we do seriously.

We have an unrelenting focus on our clients. Through that, we create trust and mutual success. Our commitment is to win/win scenarios. Each search is as unique to us as the clientele we serve.

We focus on providing real value. The answer to one simple question drives all of our decisions. Does this action create real value for our customers? If answered affirmatively, it creates real value for us as a byproduct.

We listen hard and talk frankly. Nothing strengthens our business relationships (or for that matter, our personal ones) better than trust developed via an open and honest exchange of information and ideas.

Corporate Philosophy


We will continue to explore new contemporary ideas related to executive search and to focus on executive level talent acquisition but often as part of a larger talent solution. We believe that bringing talented professionals on board is a good start but a laser focus on an evidence/data-based cultural definition will ultimately lead to long-term retention which will most certainly be a strategic differentiator for successful hospitals, health systems, and larger independent physician groups particularly given the growing leadership talent drain that we have perceived over the last decade or so. To further ensure retention, our executive coach actively works with the chosen professional for several months post-hire to ensure effective communication between the chosen candidate and the senior leadership team is taking place and discernable results are being achieved within the context of the alignment of decision styles and culture.

Firm Overview

After serving for eight years as a partner with a nationally recognized healthcare search firm, in 1999, Chip Nagle founded Nagle & Associates. Our search services are wholly focused on finding executives for the healthcare industry on a national basis and our capabilities include physician executive search. The majority of our time is spent on engagements with hospitals, health systems, and large physician group practices, both hospital sponsored and independent. Our team of executive professionals have dedicated their careers to the healthcare field each possessing well over 25 years of networking experience within the healthcare niche. Further, our senior search professionals have personal knowledge of the industry from both an inside and outside perspective, having served in both operational and consulting capacities.